Integration Ideas

Here are just a few ideas on how you can use the Moveworks API to reinvent your employee experience.

Proactively Detect & Resolve Issues

Build powerful digital experience management integrations with Moveworks to ensure your workforce isn't held back by preventable tech issues.

Easily Manage your Hardware Lifecycle

Eliminate friction from hardware lifecycle management to make sure your employees feel confident that upgrading their devices won't downgrade their productivity.

Reduce the Cost of Outages

When you have an outage, you need your response team to kick into action, your employees to use workarounds, and stakeholders to know when service will resume. Create your entire outage workflow with the Moveworks API to keep everyone on the same page.

Manage Software Licences at Scale

Employees need software to be productive in their roles, but that shouldn't make it hard for you control SaaS spend. Create frictionless license management experiences by integrating your core SaaS tools with Moveworks.

Enrich Ticket Workflows

Unblock your workforce by giving everyone — from support teams to employees — the real-time information and access they need to do their best work today and keep doing it tomorrow.

Improve the Employee HR Experience

Integrate your core HR systems with Moveworks to give employees an increased sense of belonging and keep them aprised of their HR requests.

Send Onboarding Resources before New Hires Ask

Joining a new company can be overwhelming. Employees have to learn new terminology, meet new people, and adopt new processes and technologies. With Moveworks, you can facilitate the onboarding transition and help an employee feel like they're at home within a week, not a month.

Manage the Entire Employee Lifecycle

Attracting, retaining, and developing top talent is essential for any organization's success. With Moveworks, you can streamline and optimize your talent and performance management processes, making the employee lifecycle conversational from the first impression onward.

Accelerate Sales

To build a successful sales organization, you need to have strong processes in place to make sure that each deal is carried out with due dilligence. However, due dilligence shouldn't come at the cost of sales velocity. Speed up your sales organziation by integrating new capabilities with our API.

Provide Real-Time Facility Updates

After two-plus years of remote work, employees expect working from the office to feel just as easy as working from home. Create the workplace of the future by integrating Moveworks with your facilities systems.

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