Power Automate

Message Delivery

Microsoft Power Automate needs an Open API Spec (OAS) 2.0 in order to automatically create a Custom Connector. You can follow their instructions here.

You will need our OAS 2.0.

Then you can use Moveworks in your Power Automate flows!

Smart Links & iFraming

You can use Microsoft Forms + Power Automate to create powerful, actionable experiences.

  1. Create a Microsoft Form (https://forms.office.com/).
  2. Get an embeddable link for your form. Make sure that it is public to the web.
  3. Follow our iFraming guide for Configuring Additional Websites to whitelist forms.office.com.
  4. Connect your form to a workflow using Power Automate PowerAutomate Flow on Microsoft Forms
  5. Follow the iFraming guide to send your form as a smart link
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