Accelerate Approvals with Reminders


This quick automation walks you through the process of setting up approval reminders with the Moveworks API and ServiceNow Flow Designer tool.

User Experience


Download the Update Set

Skip Manual Implementation! Just download this update set and upload it into your ServiceNow Environment!

Implementation Steps

  1. Install our Moveworks API SDK for ServiceNow
    • Make sure to install the Flow Designer Action Update Set
  2. Head to the Flow Designer tool on ServiceNow’s sidebar


  1. In the Flow Designer, create a new Flow
    • Please name the Flow as you like, we will name it Moveworks Approval Reminder


  1. For the Trigger
    1. Set the Trigger field to Created
    2. Set the Table field to the Approval [sysapproval_approver table
    3. Set the condition to State is Requested


  2. To set up the Actions Add a Do the following until flow in the Flow Logic tab


  3. Set up the Condition to stop until the state of the approval record is not Requested


  1. Add a Wait for a duration of time flow logic under the Do the following until flow logic and set it to 168 hours (7 days)


  1. Add an If flow logic after the Wait flow logic to check if the approval record is still in the Requested state


  1. Add a Moveworks Send Message Action to the If logic if the condition is met
    1. Set up the recipient
      • The recipient will be the approval record approver’s email
      • Setup the message you would like to send the approver


  2. Your Flow should look like this:


  1. Activate the flow in top right corner by clicking Activate
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