Recommendations for Testing

To validate if your integration is working, we recommend hardcoding yourself as the recipient, and returning the email address of intended recipient in the message payload. This will allow you to validate both recipients and messages before enabling the integration.

IFraming Concept Visual

Testing Keys

Moveworks can provision multiple types of API credentials.

  • dev credentials can only be used to message a given set of users. Customer Success Engineers can configure who the eligible recipients are. You can have multiple dev keys.
  • prod credentials can message your entire organization. We recommend only having one set of prod keys.

You can also request credentials for individual lines of business (e.g. a separate API credentials for IT, HR, Security, etc.). Those credentials can be restricted to specific recipients, and we will allow you to enable / disable specific credentials if needed. Note that even if you have multiple API credentials, they all share the same rate limit.

Worried about noise?

If you follow our Recommendations for Testing 👆, Moveworks can help you analyze how many messages your users will receive prior to enabling your use case.

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