Our API lets you send a message to any list of recipients.

string [ 1 .. 20000 ] characters

Message to be sent, formatted in Moveworks' version of HTML

Array of strings [ 1 .. 500 ] items

Email addresses of the employees to send the message to

Send your first message!

Craft your perfect message and send it using our tools below.


Our testing tool below does not support previews for emojis yet, but you can use any emoji shortcode.

Just provide your preferred emoji in the editor below (e.g. :point_right: 👉)

Step 1: Compose your message

Step 2: Copy your message to your clipboard

Using a JSON-based tool like Postman, our widget below, or another IDE?

Using a low-code tool like ServiceNow Flow Designer, Workato, Zapier, or Power Automate?

Step 3: Send your message

  1. Provide your API key in the Security > Authorization section below. If you need an API key, let us know!
  2. In the Body section, paste your message from Step 2, replacing the ENTIRE string, including quotes. (e.g. "Paste your message here")
  3. In the Body section, provide your email in the recipients list
  4. Send it!

🎉 Congrats! Now, make it more powerful

When combined with the right complimentary technologies, you can accomplish incredible things with our API.

Not sure where to start? Check out our Idea Library for the touch of inspiration you need!

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