API Configuration

Step 1: Setup Connector

Moveworks comes pre-configured with a many out-of-the-box connectors for the platforms we integrate with. Connectors help abstract:

  • Authentication logic
  • Establishing connections to various systems
  • Storing base URLs - which is shared by other APIs calling the same platform.

For most cases you will leverage an existing connector for your system.

Connector Configuration

Step 2: (Optional) Create Custom Connector

If your existing connector doesn't exist, crete a new connector by providing your Customer Success Engineer the respective API details based on your API authentication type:

⚠️ Always provide a Base URL:

No Auth

No additional details needed.

Header Auth

API Key Secret:

API Key in URL

URL Param Name:

API Key Secret:

Basic Auth



OAuth2 client credential grant

Client Id:

Client Secret:



OAuth2 password grant example

Client Id:

Client Secret:

OAuth2 refresh token grant

Client Id:

Client Secret:

Refresh Token:

(Optional) Scope:


Consumer Key:

Consumer Secret:


Token Secret:

(Optional) Realm:

Once you have your connectors setup, you can use them in both Paths & Queries.

Step 3: API Configuration

Step 3.1: Setup Base API Parameters

For both Paths & Queries you start the API configuration by specifying your Connector, Endpoint path, Query parameters, Method & Headers.


Note: the pre-defined connector base url and inputted endpoint path are combined to create a unified API endpoint.

Make sure to add your query parameters to the dedicated table

❌ Don't add query parameters to the endpoint path

5 api warning

✅ Add query parameters to the dedicated table

3a query params

Step 3.2: Paths API Configuration

Paths workspace allows you to configure APIs to Create or Update information in external business systems. Note: In you'd like to instead "read" data, consider using Queries workspace.

Input Question Response in API

If your Path had a question, you can access the user-response in the API endpoint path, query params or JSON body. Access the question response using its unique label with the {{question_label}} notation.

Use your question label

api label

Directly access it in your API configuration

paths api config

Access User Email in API

You can also dynamically reference the user's email using the {{user_email_addr}} notation.

Note: Whitespaces are allowed in the question labels & JSON body.

Step 3.3: Queries API Configuration

Queries workspace allows you to configure APIs to Read information from external business systems Note: In you'd like to instead "update" business data, consider using Paths workspace.

Access User Keywords in API

If your query had a keyword, you can provide the extracted slot value using the {{query}} notation in the API endpoint path, query params or JSON body.

query reference

Your API configuration is now complete!

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