Learning Objectives

In this quickstart, you'll learn to configure an Event and send a "Hello World" message out.


Before you start, make sure...

  1. You have the access to the Events Workspace.
  2. You have an API Key. If you need to create one, follow our guide on Key Management.

Step 1: Create your Event

Creating an Event will generate an Event ID that you will use in your Message API Request. The Event ID is used to track Analytics for that specific use case!

First, click Add Event on the Events Workspace homepage and name your Event.

100create event

After clicking Create Event, you will be taken to the Event details page where you can copy your Event ID.

You will need to plug your Event ID in the Events API Endpoint in Step 3.

200copy eventid

2. Design your Message

Before diving into any workflow tool or code, you should design your message.

Determining what variables you want to bake into the message will help you determine what systems and APIs you need to connect together in order to bring your message to life.


Don’t worry about greeting recipients! Our API automatically includes the recipients names at the top of the card

3. Copy your message to your clipboard

Using a JSON-based tool like Postman, our widget below, or another IDE?

Using a low-code tool like ServiceNow Flow Designer, Workato, Zapier, or Power Automate?

4. Send your message

  1. Provide your API key in the Security > Authorization section below. If you need an API key, let us know!
  2. In the Body section, paste your message from Step 2, replacing the ENTIRE string, including quotes. (e.g. "Paste your message here")
  3. In the Body section, provide your email in the recipients list
  4. Send it!

πŸŽ‰ Congrats! Now, make it more powerful

When combined with the right complimentary technologies, you can accomplish incredible things with Events.

Not sure where to start? Check out our Idea Library for the touch of inspiration you need!

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