Everything you need to know before diving into to building a use case

Every message is made by connecting 3 tools:

  • Source Tool: System that the Event originates in and is usually accessed via an API call.
    • Examples: ServiceNow, Workday, SAP Ariba, PagerDuty, etc.
  • Workflow Tool: System or Script that hosts the workflow that connects the Source Tool and Moveworks API.
    • Examples: Workato, Power Automate, ServiceNow Flow Editor, Any programming language, etc.
  • Moveworks API: The API call used to send an actionable message to an audience of users.

Here are the 3 ways that these tools can be connected:

3 possible archictures for events use cases

  1. The workflow tool polls the source tool using a time-based trigger and picks up new events. These events then get formatted and sent through Events Workspace
    • Examples: Laptop Refresh Reminders
  2. The source tool sends new events to the workflow tool when some condition is met using an outbound webhook. These events then get formatted and sent through Events Workspace.
    • Example: When an approval is created, it is sent from the source system via
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