Getting Started

To get started with Creator Studio, make sure you have the following items in place:

  • Setup your SSO with Creator Studio
  • Access to your Automation Toolstack
  • Build a list of ideas in a project management tool
  • Identify a project manager + developer to sign up for an instructor-led training

Share these details with your Customer Success Team to get an instructor-led training started.

Setup Creator Studio

You'll need to setup Creator Studio with your organization's SSO.

Identify your Automation Toolstack

Creator Studio works best when paired with an iPaaS, APIM, and/or RPA tool. The following are guidelines for an ideal tool, but don't worry if your automation tools don't check every box!

Ask your developer if you need help assessing your tools.

iPaaS: Integration Platform as a Service

iPaaS tools help different software systems talk to each other. It generally integrates with your business systems through APIs. It lets you manage triggers, actions, and control flow to create the integrations you need.

An effective iPaaS tool with Creator Studio should:

  • Start automations through either "webhook triggers" or scheduled jobs (e.g. run this job every 5 minutes)
  • Perform multi-step actions (i.e. use the results from one API call in another API call)
  • Use control flow blocks (e.g. iterate over lists, provide conditional actions, handle errors)

Example Tools:

  • Power Automate
  • Workato
  • ServiceNow Orchestration

APIM: API Management

APIM tools help you host and manage APIs. They avoid decentralized point-to-point integrations and give you a way to centrally audit system integrations & and manage rate limits accordingly. They also allow you to manage network policies to keep your APIs secure.

An effective APIM tool with Creator Studio should:

  • Respond to API calls with JSON
  • Expose on-prem APIs to Creator Studio's IP addresses
Your iPaaS might be an APIM!

Some iPaaS tools are capable to responding to "webhook" triggers with a JSON response.

Example Tools:

  • Low-Code / No-Code
    • Power Automate ( tutorial )
    • Workato APIM
    • Mulesoft
    • APIGEE Edge
  • Pro-Code
    • Azure APIM + Azure Function Apps
    • AWS API Gateway + EC2 Lambda Functions ( tutorial )
    • Google Cloud Functions
    • Oracle Integration Cloud
    • Heroku
    • ServiceNow Scripted REST APIs

RPA: Robotic Process Automation

RPA tools help you integrate in the absence of APIs. Not all enterprise tools have (the right) APIs. When that happens, RPA tools fill the need. They can mimic human actions like clicking buttons & typing in tools, allowing your automations to use enteprise tools on behalf of your users.

An effective RPA tool with Creator Studio should:

Example Tools:

  • UiPath
  • Automation Anywhere
  • BluePrism

Build your Idea Tracker

Our best customers have a robust project management tool & a strong project/product manager to ensure your use cases make it to production.

Identify a PM

A strong PM needs to be able to

  • understand the updates developers share & propose next-steps
  • prioritize new use cases based on implementation cost and value.

Setup your PM Tool

You can follow our recommended project / board structure here, based on dozens of successful Moveworks customers. With this structure you can easily prioritize use cases & communicate impact to the rest of your organization.

Recommended Tools:

  • Jira Projects
  • Asana Boards
  • Github Projects
  • ServiceNow Ideas
  • Azure DevOps
Be sure to share your board with your Moveworks Customer Success team.

This will help us continue to evolve the product to meet your upcoming needs. Adding links to purple chat mocks for each idea will be a great help!

Onboard your Team

You'll need developers, but don't worry, you won't need machine learning teams, conversation engineers, data scientists. Just the application / system engineers that you already have:

We recommend the following skillsets for developers who will use Creator Studio.

  • Strong understanding of integration patterns and best practices
  • Strong understanding of your organization’s change management & security policies
  • Strong understanding of your organization’s system configurations & API management practices
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills
  • Experience with automation tools (like the ones listed above)

Once you've identified your developers, they can setup time with your Customer Success Team for an instructor-led training. We'll publish a digital course for self-paced learning in the coming months.

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