Launch Options

Deploying your use case

There are three launch options:

  1. Launch to all users. Make sure you ✅ the box for Launch to all users otherwise it will be launched to no one.

Launch All

  1. Launch to selected emails(Testing). Provide a list of user emails who you want to be able to interact with this use case. If their email is in the list, they will be able to use it.

Launch Allow

  1. Block Selected Emails. Provide a list of user emails who you DO NOT want to be able to interact with this use case. If their email is in the list, they will NOT be able to use it.

Launch Block

  1. Launch to the users matching the rule. Write access control rules using user attributes to manage access. Rules use our 🚧 DSL language. More details on DSLs coming soon.

    Rules are defined using operators: (), ==, !=, IN, NOT IN, NOT, AND, OR

    Rules can utilize the following attributes:

First Nameuser.first_name
Last Nameuser.last_name
Full Nameuser.full_name
Phone Numberuser.primary_phone_number
Custom Attributesuser.custom_attributes.{INSERT-ATTRIBUTE-NAME}

For adding Custom Attributes, please share your list of attributes & their source systems to your Customer Success team. These will become available under user.custom_attribute.

Examples rules for reference:

1. (user.first_name == "John") AND (user.employment_info.role != "Software Engineer")
2. user.employment_info.department IN ["Engineering", "Product", "Software"]
3. ( user.custom_attribute.is_fte OR 
            user.custom_attribute.type == "CONTINGENT" AND 
            user.custom_attribute.country_code == "US" AND
            user.department == "Technology"

Launch Block

Disabling your use case

To disable / delete / archive your use case, we recommend that you:

  1. Tag your use case as [Inactive] in the title

Launch Block

  1. Choose launch to all users, but leave the checkbox unchecked

Launch Block

Your use case will still show up in Creator Studio, but will not be available in the bot.

In future releases, Moveworks will make it easier for you to see the different between live and archived use cases.

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