Question Configuration

Use Questions to get clarifications from users. Responses can also be used as slots in API actions, read details on the API configuration page.

Prompt-based Question Generation

Only describe your question detail & your questions will get automatically generated.


Available Question Types

Your question can be 1 of the following types:

  • Free Input or
  • Multiple Choices

1. Free Input Question

Intake free text user inputs. Best practice to use this for unstructured data.


2. Multiple Choices Question

Each Choice by default branches into its own Story & will display as a selectable button to the user. You can modify generated choices or add your own.


Proceed with Any

Alternatively if all your multiple choice options intersect in the same Path, you can toggle between merging & splitting them using the Proceed with Any button.


❗️ To prevent data loss, this option to merge choices is unavailable when > 1 choice has a followup story.

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