Follow this guide to make sure you're ready to start building your first Path.

Before you build, we recommend that you

  1. List your stories
  2. Verify required knowledge articles are available in Creator Studio
  3. Verify API connectors are available in Creator Studio

List your stories

Write out the stories you need to build. Remember, you build Paths by writing example stories, and Moveworks generates the path based on those examples. See Expert Emulation for more detail.

You can get example stories from real, previous conversations with coworkers. For example, let's assume you're a talent manager trying to automate referral submissions.

You may have a DM that looks something like this:

expert conversation

We'll help you convert it into a Path in the quickstart guide

Verify Knowledge

If your stories end with providing users answers (either from synced articles or plaintext answers), you should make sure that content is ready to use in Creator Studio.

Creator Studio has access to all knowledge indexed by Moveworks, so this may already be done (see Control Center Knowledge). If not, contact your Moveworks adminstrator.

Verify Connectors & Credentials

If your stories require any external API calls, make sure you have the API details for those systems. We recommend having your API calls handy in a tool like Postman.

🎉 You're Ready to Build!

You are now all set to start configuring your Path. Follow along our tutorial in Paths quickstart guide.

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