Generative Intents

🚧 We will soon automatically generate the sample queries based on your API.

Intent Tuning Tips

Temporary Guidance

These recommendations will not be relevant in the official initial release of Creator Studio.

We recommend adding sample query patterns that match the following:

  1. Command Line Utterances: These would read like shortcuts & be used often by power users.
    • “holiday calendar”
    • "open PRs"
  2. General Utterances: General inquiries that reference the record & some qualifying criteria
    • "What holidays do we have in 2023?”
    • "Could you check which PRs are still pending my action?"
  3. Sample Record Utterances: This will reference a specific
    • “When is MLK day?"
    • "Where is the product launch purchase req?"

By specifying only a handful of example utterances, Moveworks understands the semantic meaning of what your employees are asking about, and generates a custom intent for a set of similar queries (even if they are not explicitly specified).

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