PurpleCRM is a fictitious CRM (Customer Relationship Management), that helps you keep track of your prospects and their engagement data.

Your Recent Engagement Activity

Transform your workflow with the ultimate productivity tool!ACME Corp04/05/20237.85%1925110.18%
Revamp your marketing strategy with our cutting-edge platform!Innovate Solutions04/12/20239.12%1456720.22%
Unlock your team's potential with our collaboration software!TeamBoost05/01/20236.78%2175090.16%
Empower your sales team with advanced analytics!SalesMax05/10/20238.94%1567890.19%
Maximize your ROI with our intelligent ad platform!ACME Corp06/01/202310.23%2345670.15%
Supercharge your customer support with AI-powered chatbots!ChatFlow06/09/20235.67%1987650.21%
Transform your HR processes with our all-in-one solution!HRPro07/04/20237.98%1765430.17%
Revolutionize your supply chain management with our platform!ACME Corp07/15/20239.87%1876540.20%
Optimize your warehouse operations with our inventory management system!InvControl08/01/20238.21%2123450.18%
Elevate your e-commerce game with our comprehensive suite of tools!ShopBoost08/12/20236.45%1678900.23%

API Documentation

Get Customer Engagement Data

curl https://us-central1-creator-studio-demo.cloudfunctions.net/getCustomerEngagementData?org_name=ACME
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