Response Synthesis

Labeling Fields

When labeling fields, provide the description of the field & the dot-walk path to the field in the JSON object.

What is "Dot-walking" in JSON?

👉 You can reference any value by “dot-walking” to the field. Inside the JSON payloads with the root element above:


You can configure up to 3 buttons by following similar conventions as our other field types. You could either reference a pre-existing URL inside the json payload by dot-walking to the field, or enter a static URL in the field section.

Identifier and Description

Expected Experience

While Moveworks is using generative AI to produce the response for the query, we do provide some predictability. Generally our Query results will have two cards, one for a list of records, and one for a single record.

List View Card

8 list view

Details View Card

9 detail view

When labeling your fields, for the best experience, we recommend the following heuristics.

Field TypeWhat to useExamples
Identifier (required)A guaranteed-unique identifierHoliday Name (PO #, etc.)
Short Description (required)Any information critical for the list viewHoliday Date (PO title, etc.)
Additional Information (optional, unlimited)Details that an employee would need to get full context on the record.Comments, (PO delivery date, etc.)
Hyperlink Buttons (optional, maximum 3)Hyperlink your users to external websites, by referencing fields inside the API response or a static websiteView Public Holidays (View Purchase Order, etc.)
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