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Login to Creator Studio by visiting to and entering your work email. You will be redirected to your Single Sign-On (SSO) to get in.

Setup Creator Studio

Configure Creator Studio for your Team

Your SSO may not be configured with Moveworks Creator Studio yet. Please ask your adminstrator to follow the instructions below to configure SSO login to Creator Studio.

Note: You will need to be onboarded with your customer success team. We have training materials and assets to ensure your success getting started with Creator Studio. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to start your onboarding journey.

Don't see your SSO provider?

Click the "Contact Us" button, or send an email to with the following template:

Contact Us
Subject: Request New SSO Configuration Information


Dear Support,

I want to setup Creator Studio for my team at {{organization}}. However, Moveworks does not currently provide configuration instructions for our single sign on provider – {{sso_provider}}

My team and I would appreciate it if you could provide SSO instructions for our SSO platform.

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